Who Are We ?
Packing City is a premier manufacturer (A brand of Best Plus Pulp Co., Ltd.)of molded paper pulp packaging for the interior protection of a wide range of pulp paper products including custom pulp applications for trays, clamshells, cartons and end caps. Located in MaoMing City, a famous international industrial city, Packing City Company is founded in 2013.
“Best+” is dedicated to providing environmental technology solutions for society, promoting sustainable development. We are committed to developing innovative products that integrate technological power with environmental concepts, contributing to environmental protection and making the world a better place.
Our experienced team provides our customers with professional packaging solutions and reliable order follow-up service.
Our aim is to help our customers enhance their brands and add values to their products through high quality packaging. Striving to achieve the best quality and taking care of the needs of our customers are what we focus. We work closely with our customers and give emphasis on the communication with them, to ensure our customers get their desired products smoothly.
Packing City is an innovative company that, through a technology based on the reuse of paper, cardboard and virgin pulp from environmentally controlled plantations, manufactures packaging and logistics accessories in a standard range and tailor-made solutions. We have customers in more than 60 countries. More than 90% of our production is exported.
Our business includes packaging, printing and international trade. We supply a variety of custom made paper gift boxes, packaging boxes, storage boxes and molded pulp products.
What are the benefits?
Packing City Benefits: HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE – Our specialists can get pieces of any size, thickness and shape, the best pulp protection for any merchandise. RICH EXPERIENCE – After years of experience in paper pulp package we have been able to create a durable, lightweight product capable of protecting any material. REDUCE YOUR COSTS – Recycled materials are not only more environmentally friendly, they are also cheaper. Contact us and see how you can save money without sacrificing quality.

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