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    Packing City makes widely range of paper pulp product, including as following,
    Paper pulp packaging for electronics, Pulp Egg Boxes, custom wine divider trays, clamshells, pulp egg cartons and end caps, and Paper Egg Packs, cosmetics, home appliances, hardware, instrument, food, toys and many other industries;
    Garden supplies like flower pots, peat pots, seed planters;
    Home products like rubbish bin, pet feeders, storage boxes;
    Craft supplies like paper pulp masks, paper mache animals, drawing boards, Christmas balls, Easter eggs;
    Food services like bagasse bowls, cups, containers, plates, food trays, fruit trays;
    Medical products like urinal, slipper pan, kidney bowl;
    And more…

    Company: Packing City Co., Ltd
    Phone: +86-18023977463
    Add: No. 13 Building, No. 11 Street, Guanglong New District, DianBai, MaoMing City, GuangDong, 525400, China


    No. 13 Building, No. 11 Street, Guanglong New District, MaoMing, GuangDong, 525400, China

    Phone: +86-18023977463


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