Europe Egg Pack

Pulp Eggs Cartons

Europe Egg Pack is used for Fresh Egg Packaging by egg farmers and egg producers. That is good to help the farmers and producers to promote their own brand name of fresh eggs in selling markets.
Egg Cartons packaging box, chicken egg packaging box, also known as egg tray, pulp egg box, egg tray, egg box, etc., is used for the packaging of eggs to protect the eggs during the handling and transportation of shocks, collisions, damage, easy to carry, transport The role of carrying. Egg boxes are very common in supermarkets and shopping malls, and there are many specifications.
The brand egg uses a small package of pulp and egg boxes instead of a large package, and the egg breakage rate is low, fresh and less stringy. This is an effective and advanced way of brand green egg packaging, improving people’s quality of life, adapting to the habits of foreign consumers and improving export competitiveness.
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