Packing City

4 Eggs Boxes

Packing City belongs to Best Plus Pulp Co., Ltd, which is for marketing and Promotion of eco packaging products to all over the world. Our Eco Products have been exported to more than 60 countries that is good to the packing markets in evironment.
Best Plus Pulp Co., Ltd is a premier manufacturer of molded paper pulp packaging for the interior protection of a wide range of pulp paper products including custom pulp applications for trays, clamshells, cartons and end caps. Located in MaoMing City, a famous international industrial city, Best Plus Pulp Company Ltd is founded in 2013.
We make widely range of paper pulp product, including as following,
Paper pulp packaging for electronics, cosmetics, home appliances, hardware, instrument, food, toys and many other industries;
Garden supplies like flower pots, peat pots, seed planters;
Home products like rubbish bin, pet feeders, storage boxes;
Craft supplies like paper pulp masks, paper mache animals, drawing boards, Christmas balls, Easter eggs;
Food services like bagasse bowls, cups, containers, plates, food trays, fruit trays;
Medical products like urinal, slipper pan, kidney bowl;
And more…
To save customers’ time and trouble, we can also help sourcing matching packaging like outer boxes, cartons, paper tubes, cans, bottles, labels and etc. We have long-cooperating packaing company nearby for these matching packaging.
We are looking forward to working with you!
Best Plus Pulp Co., Ltd
Phone: +86-06685257463
Address: No. 13 Building, No. 11 Street,
Guanglong New District, DianBai
District, MaoMing City, GuangDong,
525400, China